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MoonWillow Tai Chi Teacher Training Program

Whether you are looking to expand health and wellness offerings in your business or a person
seeking a truly positive career change, think about what Tai Chi Training can do for you!

Chair Tai Chi


5-Week Certification Program

with Allison Deputy

Saturday Afternoons
March 11 - April 15*, 2017

* No Class March 25th      Fee: $295 

$260 by Feb 11th - SAVE $35!

Private & Group Training Available on YOUR SCHEDULE, Contact Allison at (847) 458-0377

Developed by Allison Deputy over a 15-year period, Chair Tai Chi is now actively used in assisted living and health care/rehabilitation centers across suburban Chicago. This program is a blend of Yang Style Tai Chi forms (singled out for adaptability in a seated position), Shaolin muscle and sinew exercises, qigong (“chee-kung”) detoxing techniques, hand/finger/eye exercises, as well as healing visualization. Benefits: Chronic pain reduction, improved flexibility, range of motion, posture, blood pressure, sleep, digestion, and immunity. Relieves stress, anxiety, and aids in overall well-being. Chair Tai Chi is a unique therapeutic modality to offer in any senior or healthcare facility.


Week 1 - Mar 11, 2:30-5:00 PM:  Intro to Chair Tai Chi Program; Overview of Standard Seated

                                                      Routine; Testing Requirements

Week 2 - Mar 18, 3:00-5:00 PM:  Practice/Refinement of Standard Seated Routine

              << No Class March 25th, Spring Break >>

Week 3 - Apr 1,  3:00-5:00 PM:  Standard Routine w/Added Chair Assisted Exercises

Week 4 - Apr 8, 3:00-5:00 PM:  Standard Routine w/Supplemental Exercises; Adapted Program

                                                      for Wheelchair-Bound/Healthcare Facilities

Week 5 - Apr 15, 1:00-6:00 PM   Testing/Certification (Assigned time blocks of 30 min. each; time

                                                      frame may be adjusted depending on number of participants)

Questions? Call Allison directly at (847) 458-0377 or email her at [email protected]

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Personal and Private Group Training Available
on YOUR SCHEDULE - Contact Allison for more details,
(847) 458-0377

Level 1: Yang 12-Step Beginner Form

Teacher Training Program

Prerequisites for Teachers In Training:

Minimum 100 hrs Tai Chi training (in regular classes or equivalent)

No prerequisites for students wishing to deepen their knowledge of the form only;

ALL students are welcome to join!

<< Dates TBA >>

8 Weeks - approx. 30 Hours  Cost: $595  
(Includes Kit – Binder/Tabbed Notes, DVD or Voucher)

Early Sign-Up Discount - Only $495 (Save $100!)

Young Masters in Woodstock IL

Saturdays starting at 2 PM,



(Some content subject to change due to specific group needs/interests. Schedule
subject to change due to unforeseen weather events or other circumstances;
in such case(s), consensus of the group and studio availability will determine make-up dates)



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Payment Plan Available! (full Course price only)


Tai Chi Training Program FAQs

Why become a Tai Chi instructor (as opposed to Yoga, Zumba, or other exercise modalities)?
Because the interest and need for qualified Tai Chi instructors has surged in recent years due to increased exposure from print and online media, as well as growing support from the medical field – more interest currently than there are teachers! Hence, your ability to find classes of your own should be fairly easy. In some cases MoonWillow can even help to place you.

How much does a Tai Chi instructor make?
Starting pay, depending on the facility you are working for, is usually $30/hour. MoonWillow pays its instructors at Young Masters $35/hour. You can also teach private groups and set your own rate.

What can I expect from my investment in this program?
At $30/hour, working only one class per week, you will recover your initial (Level 1) investment within 6 months. Then there are the many physical and spiritual benefits that are priceless. As with anything else, you will get out of it what you put into it. Long Form instruction (Levels 2-4) of course requires more time and investment, but the same applies for each level. A fully certified Level 4 instructor working only 3 classes per week will earn back their entire investment (about $2500) in 6 months. Not bad! Of course, those who are looking to add Tai Chi to their martial arts or fitness studio offerings will only increase revenues, as Tai Chi is becoming more in demand.

Do I have to teach if I’m certified? What if I just want to deepen my understanding of Tai Chi?
Anyone is welcome to join the program. You are not obligated to get out there and teach once you receive your certificate. But it will be there should you change your mind in the future.

Are there any requirements to maintain my certification going forward?
It is always a good idea to continue your training in some fashion, even if it is not at MoonWillow. There are many Tai Chi and Qigong systems to learn if you wish (including weapons forms, etc.). MoonWillow does offer “Masters Workshops” periodically to refine your skills, which you are strongly encouraged to attend, but it is not currently a requirement.

What if I want to start my own Tai Chi studio or Wellness Center that includes Tai Chi? What is MoonWillow’s stand on competition?
MoonWillow is not overly concerned with competition. It would be a good idea, however, to be sure your intended facility is located in an area (county, city, or village) that does not currently offer Tai Chi, so you can fill a need where it exists. Good intentions usually yield good results, and MoonWillow can’t be everywhere – that’s where you come in!