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Online classes will be available via Zoom during the COVID-19 crisis and beyond. Links will change monthly, so stay posted. For custom packages, please email us with your requested classes to get the links, [email protected]

If you received your links through a participating library, you are all set, no further payment is required (though contributions are gratefully accepted). If you are experiencing financial hardship due to Covid19 or other factors, please email us to discuss your situation. 

MoonWillow appreciates your support during this challenging time. It is our mission to deliver the healing art of Tai Chi to all who need it regardless of ability to pay. If you are an unpaid student currently enjoying our online classes, please consider making a contribution that fits your budget. Contributions of any amount may be sent via PayPal, Zelle or Venmo, or by the standard contribution button below. Thank you so much for helping us in this effort!

OCTOBER & NOVEMBER 2020 Zoom Schedule:

Monday 11 AM - Beginner Tai Chi w/Allison


Monday 7 PM - Intermediate/Adv Tai Chi w/Allison


Tuesday 2 PM - Chair Tai Chi w/Allison (seated only)


Wednesday 7 PM - Intermediate/Adv Tai Chi w/Allison


Thursday 2 PM - Chair Tai Chi w/Allison (seated only)


Friday 10:30 AM - Chair Tai Chi w/Allison (incl standing)

 Friday 1 PM - Beginner Tai Chi w/Allyn

Saturday 10:30 AM - All Level Tai Chi w/Allyn

 NOTE: In October 2020, the Tues 7PM Beginner Class with Allyn will be replaced by Fri 1 PM Beginner w/Allyn

Waiver of Claims: By purchasing these online classes through MoonWillow Tai Chi & Wellness, you agree to assume all liability for any accident or physical injury that could occur while participating in your own environment for the duration of each class. You agree to self monitor and to not engage in movements that involve physical risk, cause undue discomfort, or may be contraindicated by your physician or your better judgement. You further agree to release MoonWillow Tai Chi & Wellness, its agents, servants, and employees from any and all claims, damages, and causes of action that you might hereafter have on account of injuries sustained as a result of an accident occurring at any time during MoonWillow Tai Chi & Wellness online classes, workshops, and events. Thank you!


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