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Level 1 Yang 12 Training - Refresher Only Option


**FOR PREVIOUSLY CERTIFIED INDIVIDUALS ONLY from previous Level 1 Training with Allison Deputy**

Whether you would like to be certified to teach, or simply to discover powerful healing tools to improve your life, this training program is for you! Now with new, expanded content, this 8-week program will cover: new additions to the Master Warm-Up, Kua training, The Six Harmonies, Learning to move from the Dantien, Wuji Stance, How to Troubleshoot Structure & Alignment, Student FAQs, and ALSO, Lectures on Chi/The Human Energy Field, How Your Thoughts and Feelings Affect Your Energy System, Health and Well-Being, Acupressure Points & Energy Meridians, Yin/Yang Theory & Taoism, What is "Real" Tai Chi...


All this in addition to intensive, detailed training and correction in the 12-movement Yang Short Form.


You do not need to aspire to teach to take this program - All are Welcome! Training segments meet on Saturday afternoons beginning Feb 15th, 2020, in our Woodstock location, two meetings per month. See full schedule and curriculum on our Training & Certification page.


This is now an Online Option on your schedule! Questions? Call Allison at (847) 308-0469

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