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Allison Deputy has over 26 years experience in Yang Style Tai Chi, and is a certified Tai Chi Master Instructor through the American Tai Chi & Qigong Association. She conducts classes and workshops across the northwest suburbs of Chicago, specializing in Yang Style 12 and 108 Forms, and now offers training in Tai Chi Ball Qigong. She has an active Tai Chi Teacher Training Program in traditional Yang Style and Chair Tai Chi. When she is not teaching or giving workshops, Allison is a writer. She has published poetry and short fiction and is working on a young adult novel series. Her instructional DVDs are available in class or on this website. Favorite quote: "Follow your heart and live well."

                photo by Maureen Zwier 

Bob Horrell has been a MoonWillow Tai Chi student and practitioner for over 15 years, and is a MoonWillow certified instructor. Bob has recently retired from teaching classes at Young Masters in Woodstock, but we remain grateful for his contribution to MoonWillow and its mission and events. In addition to Tai Chi, Bob and his wife Maureen love traveling, gourmet cooking and theater hopping. Favorite quote: (from Shakespeare's Hamlet) "This above all: to thine own self be true."

Tom Wallquist is a MoonWillow certified Tai Chi instructor, and has a Bachelors degree in Computer Science from Northern Illinois University.  His interests include science fiction, ancient mysteries, astronomy, and the study of Functional Medicine as a promising alternative to treating common health issues of the 21st century (of which Tai chi fits in neatly!).  Favorite quote: “Be careful what you read in medical textbooks. You might die of misprint.”  – Mark Twain

Evelyn "Evie" Eyles has been a Tai Chi practitioner for over 7 years and is certified in the 12-Step Short Form and the 1st Section Long Form. She currently teaches at Akasha Yoga in Crystal Lake, IL and will substitute teach for us in Woodstock. Evie enjoys reading, traveling, hiking to beautiful vistas, gardening and family fishing trips to Canada. Favorite quote: "Stop a minute right where you are. Relax your shoulders, shake your head and spine like a dog shaking off cold water. Tell that imperious voice to be still..." - Barbara Kingsolver


Lyn Drathring is a Moon Willow Certified Instructor in the 12-Step Short Form, First Section Long Form and Chair Tai Chi. She is is also a reiki practitioner.. Lyn recently retired from 25+ years teaching, training and leading groups in the Outdoor/Environmental Education field. She is looking forward to spending time with her grandchildren and family, gardening, travel, and of course Tai Chi. Lyn believes Tai Chi is the perfect retirement career. Not only does she get to enjoy the many benefits from Tai Chi, she also gets to share them with others. Favorite quote: "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." Lao Tzu

Jarett Sanchez is our guest instructor from Fox Valley Tai Chi who presents workshops on Standing Meditation, Kung Fu Self Defense, and Chen Style Tai Chi. He is a practitioner of various martial arts including Southern Mantis, Choy Lay Fut (pronounced choy l'foot) and Shaolin Chuan Fa. He has studied Chen Taiji for the past 7 years with various teachers, and he includes the Chen 19 form into his daily practice. The Chen 19 combines soft, flowing movements and sudden bursts of energy with an emphasis on dan tien movement, which introduces the new student to some of the key components of the traditional Chen long forms.

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