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Allison's Favorite


Virtual Program on Zoom

Saturday, January 30th, 4:00 PM


*Only $15 if registered by 1/18/21!

Join Allison for this special seminar to

 learn her go-to immune boosting

 practices to help you through the

 pandemic and beyond. From Tai Chi &

 Qigong, diet/supplements, essential oils,

 etc., you will come away with a valuable

 natural medicine chest to keep you

 strong and healthy!

Can't make that date/time? Register

 anyway and we will send you the Zoom

 recording of the presentation!

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Yang 108 Long Form
Refinement Workshop

via Zoom w/Allison Deputy

Saturday, February 6th, 2021

2:00-4:00 PM (Central)


SALE thru 1/18/21 - Only $35! 

For All Levels - This workshop covers all those challenging spots of the Yang 108, catered to YOU and your specific needs! This 2-hr workshop will address all the areas you need refinement and improved skill, from the most challenging movements like Repulse Monkey, Snake Creeps Down, or Fair Lady Works at Shuttles, to all those tricky and subtle transition moves. YOU set the agenda! 

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GenZ Tai Chi

with Allyn Barnett

Certified MoonWillow Tai Chi Instructor

FREE Virtual Program via Zoom - 

Email Us for Link!

Thursdays, 4 PM

beginning Jan 28th, 2021

Are you, or do you know, a STRESSED 

OUT Teen to 20's young adult? This pandemic

 hasn't been easy on anyone, and our young

 people have been particularly hard hit. Let 

MoonWillow help you find peace in the chaos

 and uncertainty...

Learn crucial relaxation and mind-body

 coordinating skills. Tai Chi is more than a

 martial art exercise - it has proven benefits

 to mental and emotional well-being. It also

 aids in concentration. Program is 1 hour.

Join Allyn as he guides you through key

 relaxation techniques and martial art based

body movements from Tai Chi & Qigong...

At 20, Allyn has already spent half his life studying and practicing the art of Yang Style Tai Chi and Qigong, and is now a certified instructor. He currently teaches two classes on our regular Zoom schedule and wants to expand into high schools and community colleges to bring this healing art to his peers.

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Tai Chi Ball Qigong

for Everyone!

Online Workshop with Allison Deputy via Zoom


2:00-3:30 PM   Fee $30

A FUN and INVIGORATING workout using solid wooden balls (one pictured above is made of solid poplar and weighs about 4 pounds. Beginner balls start at 2-3 pounds). Tai Chi wooden balls were used in ancient times to increase strength and flexibility for weapons training. Now a resurrected practice for us in the modern world, MoonWillow is offering Tai Chi Ball Qigong to enhance anyone's physical health and well-being. This workshop will cover circling, rocking, walking, silk reeling, and rotating movements with breathing techniques. Strengthen your joints and spine, and get a great upper body workout to go with the lower! Join us for this beautiful, meditative practice, like holding a planet in your hands! Don't have a ball? Contact MoonWillow for more information to order one of your own. If you prefer something lighter and less pricey, a plastic ball from any big box store will do nicely, too!


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Please Join Us for this potentially

Life-Changing Workshop...

Good Mental Kungfu:

How to Keep Your Calm in the Chaos

w/Allison Deputy of MoonWillow

Virtual Program via Zoom

**Date & Time TBA**

Learn critical techniques to help you weather

the storms of these
unprecedented days. 

Each participant will receive:

+ Reference Notes

+ Access to Recording of Entire Workshop

+ A powerful, simple meditation technique to 

release negative energy and infuse positive, healing 


+ Insight into how our thoughts and emotions influence

 our reality on all levels

+ Key Tips to help you move through anxiety/depression moments

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Tai Chi Basics Online Workshop

with Allison Deputy

Date TBA Soon!   2:00-3:30 PM

$30 (Zoom Link sent upon purchase)

Ideal for beginners and advanced students alike! Delve more deeply into the principles at the foundation of Tai Chi practice. Learn more about dantien breathing, cultivating stillness in wuji stance, kua training, Tai Chi "walking," and the intricacies of the Yang 12 form movements, including proper structure and alignment, and learning how to move from the dantien. Key to achieving balance, connectedness, and grace in the form. And having fun while doing it! 

Register at our Online Classes & Training page on this website. Pre-registration required! Zoom link sent upon purchase. 

Enhanced members that have kept their memberships current can still get their 20% off discount ($24). You must pay direct via PayPal, Zelle, or Venmo, or mail a check to MoonWillow, P.O. Box 1943, Crystal Lake, IL 60039-1943. Thank you for your support!

Standing Meditation

with Jarett Sanchez

Next One TBA!   2:00-3:00 PM   $20

Reduce stress, achieve inner calm, and improve health 

Standing Meditation, known more traditionally as Zhan Zhuang (pronounced “Jan Juang”), is a powerful form of ancient Qi Gong that is beneficial for healing and martial arts purposes.
In this 1-hour workshop with Jarett you will learn a daily joint-loosening routine, key
concepts of the standing practice, and most important, the Zhan Zhuang posture called
“standing stake.”

Pre-Registration Required – Register and Pay at our Online Classes & Training page on this website. Zoom link will be sent upon purchase.

hosted by MoonWillow Tai Chi



with Jarett Sanchez


Silk Reeling (Chan Si Jin) is the most universal body mechanic in all of Tai Chi.  Silk Reeling exercises involve simple, continuous, whole body movements that emphasize the spiraling nature of this skill. The continuous flow of these exercises, common to all Tai Chi styles, allows you to focus on Dan Tien rotation, rooting, and relaxation of the upper body. Join instructor Jarett Sanchez in this workshop that will add new dimensions to your regular form practice. You will also learn how this energy can be applied in everyday life.
All levels welcome! Be prepared to expand your Tai Chi horizons!

Fee: $40/session ($32 Enhanced Members)

Call or Register Online to Reserve Your Spot Today! Space is Limited!

More information on this and other offerings at

Jarett Sanchez demonstrating the Chen 19 Form. Stay tuned for more workshops with Jarett in 2018!